Class Requirements

Getting the best out of your training session

For your comfort:

  • Wear comfy shoes (no high heels, flip flops or clogs)
  • Wear comfy clothes (avoid anything too flappy), something you do not  mind getting dirty
  • Stay relaxed, calm and cheerful! Its fun.

Training Kit

Part of being a responsible dog owner is being prepared! For each class please bring:

  • Poo bags
  • An appropriate toy for your dog to play with
  • Tasty and appropriate soft (but not crumbly!) treats
  • Treat bag
  • A brush or comb for grooming (Bronze class)
  • Bed/blanket (Gold class)

Make sure your dog is wearing a secure and comfortable collar with an appropriate name tag with your surname, address including post code engraved on. (see examples given below)

Kennel Club Dog Tag

Harnesses are fine for coming to and from class but please use a proper collar for training unless there is a medical reason.

Your dog also needs a sturdy but soft lead that’s easy on your hands (no extendable leads please).


Dogs in season

Unfortunately, when a dog is in season it cannot attend class as it will disrupt all training. A dog can be in season for 21 days so you may miss 3 classes.

I do try my best to get you into other classes once your dog has finished it’s season.