Code of Conduct – Club Rules

We’d like everyone to enjoy being at Club so we need to be thoughtful about each other’s needs  – doggy and human alike!

It can get noisy and hectic coming in and out of club so please do what you can to make this as calm and controlled as possible – for the well being of our dogs, handlers and for those living nearby.

As it’s virtually impossible to get venues willing to take dogs, we have to be super careful about keeping things clean, tidy and safe.

Please never touch a dog without first asking the owner.

Some dogs coming to Club may be nervous and/or unused to people and other dogs. It’s important that the dogs’ needs are respected.

Do not bring dogs to class that are in season or are unwell

(Please ring so a note can be made and when dog is okay to come back to class if possible alternative catch up sessions will be offered)

Keep dogs/puppies under control at all times.

Do not let your dog/puppy off the lead unless instructed to do so, by one of the trainers.

Children are welcome at the Club,

but they must be supervised at all times

Please take your dog to the loo before coming to club.

If your dog soils outside the building use a poo bag and dispose it in an appropriate bin. If you’re “caught short” we always have bags you can use.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones may be used, for the comfort of other class members please take or make calls in the entrance lobby.


Please do not use any offensive language or behavior to any one attending class


No smoking within the building or consuming of alcohol on the premises.

No Refund

There will be NO REFUND of class fees, unless dog/puppy is deemed unsuitable for training.