Bronze Award

GCDS Bronze Award

The Bronze Award Scheme builds on what your dog learns in the Puppy Foundation Scheme, before developing new skills and providing you with a basic knowledge and understanding in training your canine companion.

(It is not essential for the Puppy Foundation Scheme to be completed before hand and there is no age limit on your dog).

Some of the elements involved in the Bronze Award are:

Walking and behaving in a controlled manner on the lead.
Staying in one position on command.
Allowing it’s owner to clean, groom and inspect it.
Being positioned by its handler for inspection i.e. stand, sit or lie down on either side or on its back, all on the lead.
Coming to hand when called.

The course runs for 8 weeks and costs £55.00.

Bronze Award
Course Information
  • Course Id:BA
  • Days:Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Evening and Thursday Morning.
  • Timings:6:30pm (times may vary)
Steve Fletcher