Steve Fletcher (Dog Trainer)

Screenshot_20180612-113947_Gallery[1564]I have been training dogs now for over 25 years. As a Police dog handler, I handled two German Shepherds and a Springer Spaniel search dog, which were trained to the Home Office Standard.

After my retirement, I became an Animal Welfare Officer with Derbyshire Trading Standards for 8 years, passing both practical and written exams in Animal Welfare and Law.

In 2009, I began taking my puppy Connie, now nine, to Chris Allen’s Kennel Club “Good Citizens Dog Scheme” training class (GCDS), and soon realised how good the Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme was. When Connie and I completed the Puppy and Bronze Award, Chris announced her retirement and asked if I knew anyone who wanted to take over the club. This led to a consultation between myself and the Kennel Club, and after being accepted as a trainer, A&S Dog Training was born.

From 1 night a week with 2 hours of classes, we now do 2 nights and 1 daytime a week with 11 hours of classes.

In 2013, due to high demand, I decided to focus my attention on dog training full time, doing 1-2-1 sessions and behavioral issues.

Along with the Kennel Club qualifications and Police Dog Handler experience of training and working dogs, I look for ways to develop my practice by attending various different courses throughout the country, giving me a vast amount of experience and knowledge in all aspects of dog training.

I have listed status with the Kennel Club and I am an assessor and can judge the “Good Citizens Dog Scheme” to gold level. I have also attended and passed the following courses:

John Rogerson – Companion Dog

John Rogerson – Ultimate Recall

Nando Brown – Trick Dog Training

I am also trained in Canine First Aid.