Covid-19 restrictions

We are currently unable to run classes due to the Covid-19 government guidelines.

Feel free to look at what classes we offer below and hopefully we will be able to resume them soon.

In the meantime, we are continuing to offer 1 - 2 - 1 sessions.

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The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme

Puppy Foundation Course

These courses are over 8 weeks and cost £80

These courses are very popular and we therefore suggest you contact us as early as possible (before you get your puppy) to book in if possible.

The first week is always without your dog so that the club can provide you with useful information about how to care for and train your puppy.

It is also an opportunity to meet the other members of the course and discuss puppy matters and what you hope to get out of the course.


The Bronze, Silver & Gold courses are over 8 weeks and cost £64

Click an Award for more details

Happy Puppy

Bronze Award


The KC Good Citizen Award Test

When ready the Owner and their dog may if they wish take an assessment by a qualified KC assessor, (not by one of the trainers as KC rules don't allow a trainer to examine or test a dog they train) who will assess both the owner and their dog to the standard laid down by the Kennel Club and if both the dog and handler meet the KC required standard they will be awarded the appropriate award they have trained for.

For the Bronze, Silver and Gold courses, assessments are arranged at regular intervals and you have the opportunity to take the assessment, if you wish.

(Rosettes are £1 for the Puppy Foundation Award, £2 for the Bronze Award, £3 for the Silver Award and £3 for the Gold Award).


What are our Classes like?

Training classes are an important way to help socialise and train your dog at any age but starting early is beneficial for both you and your puppy. Classes cover every aspect of ownership and basic pet handling to help you become a responsible owner with a happy, well adjusted and more obedient pet.

Each course consists of one lesson every week over eight weeks.

Upon successful completion of the Puppy Foundation course, you will be presented with a certificate and the opportunity to advance to the next level.

We prefer to keep our class sizes small allowing for a more personal experience.

Due to me being limited to a number of dogs in each class, we therefore ask for a £10 (non-refundable) deposit, which is to be paid within 3 days of you being allocated a place.

After which time, your place will be allocated to the next dog on my list, should your payment not be received.