Bonfire Night

Here you will find some important advice on keeping your dog safe and reducing stress over the bonfire period.

Walking your Dog

If possible, please walk your dog during the daylight hours. This will help to avoid your dog becoming frightened should a firework be let off.

If you have to walk your dog during the evening, then please keep the dog on a lead at all times.

Ensure the collar is on tight enough in case your dog struggles when frightened and accidentally slips the lead.

Make sure your dog is wearing an ID tag, in case it does become separated from you. Also, make sure your microchip details are up to date.

Taking the dog for a walk

Reducing Stress Indoors

Draw your curtains and close all your windows as this stops your dog from seeing the flashes of light and helps to muffle the sound.

Turn on your TV or Radio to help drown out the noise of the fireworks.

Try and stay in with your dog as this will help to comfort them.

You can also buy calming drops for your dog and these come in various forms so please read the instructions carefully before applying. If your dog has any pre-existing medical conditions, consult your vet first for advice on which to choose.

The "Thunder Jacket" is also a great way to comfort your dog as it wraps around them to help give a sense of security.

Top up the dogs water bowl as an anxious dog will drink more.

Feed your dog before the fireworks start as if they become frightened, they could lose their appetite. 

Cute Happy Dog

Keeping a Safe Environment at Home

If you are letting off fireworks at home, please notify your neighbours as to what time you are doing so. This means that they can ensure their dogs are safe in the house and not out in the garden.

Check your garden the following day for any firework debris that could have landed on your property, as the contents could be harmful to your dog.

Dispose of any sparklers correctly as they are hot and sharp and could harm your dog.

If you let your dog out in the garden during the evening, then ensure that any gates are secure and ideally, keep your dog on a lead to prevent them from running off should they become frightened.

Dogs should NEVER be taken to firework displays as this would be extremely stressful and could cause serious health problems.